Removal Companies Tyne and Wear

Removal Companies Tyne and Wear

The Best of Removal Companies Tyne and Wear

Are you looking for Removal Companies Tyne and Wear? Quicksilver is here to help. We were established as a business over 30 years ago and have become one of the leading removal companies in the North East. We have an experienced team who can take care of every part of the moving process, so you don’t have to worry! From small house removals to international removals, Quicksilver does it all!

If you would like a removal quote, then please call us on 0191 264 667 and one of our friendly team will be able to advise you.


Residential Removals with Quicksilver

There is a lot to consider when moving to a new house, which is why we want to make it easier for you. When moving you have a few options to choose from. We have detailed them below:


Option 1: Complete the removal yourself with the help of family and friends. This will involve packing, loading the boxes, driving to your new home, unloading the boxes and unpacking your belongings. This will take up a big majority of your time and involve a lot of help during the weeks leading up to the move.


Option 2: Get a reliable and qualified removal company like Quicksilver to take care of the move for you. We will be able to load all of the boxes and your belongings into one of our secure removal vans and take them to your new home. However, you will still need to plan ahead and ensure all of your packing is done before our team come out to assist you.

Removal Companies Tyne and Wear

Option 3: This option is similar to option 2, however, we can provide premium packing services to you. Our specialist packing service ensures that all belongings are secured in durable and safe boxes. This will cost a little extra but will give you the valuable time that you need back, so you won’t have the stress of packing your personal items up.


Option 4: Along with the packing service, Quicksilver can also help you in dismantling any furniture that may require more than one person. This can also include heavy items such as beds and wardrobes. Our team will make sure they are reassembled correctly in the new property too.


Other Quicksilver Services


Commercial Removals

  • If you’re looking to relocate to a new office, we can help! We have worked with a range of businesses and organisations and provided them with the services to make their office move stress-free and easy!


  • If you need to free up some space in your home or looking to store some belongings whilst you’re moving to a new house, we can store these for you in our secure premises. We have a comprehensive inventory system to ensure that all items are recorded and monitored.

Waste Recycling

  • We offer a confidential and productive waste recycling system to help you dispose of any unwanted items. This could be excess paperwork or any household items that you would like to get rid of. Quicksilver holds a waste broker’s license to certify that we have the qualifications and training to do this for you.


Insurance with Quicksilver – Removal Companies Tyne and Wear

 With any quotation from Quicksilver, you will automatically receive a premium for goods in transit. Any additional insurance that is required will need to be organised separately, though we can also arrange this for you at an extra cost.

Quicksilver Moving and Storage has been providing high-quality removals and storage services to the public in Tyne and Wear for many years, and would like to offer these services to you!

If you’re looking for the best of Removal Companies Tyne and Wear then please get in touch today! One of our experienced team members will be able to help arrange your move.

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