homemove tyne and wear

Homemove Tyne and Wear

Quicksilver Removals – Tyne & Wear

Looking for the best homemove companies in Tyne and Wear? At Quicksilver we provide the best house removal services in the North East. Whether it be a small or large move, we can help you. We have an experienced and skilled removal team that is able to take care of the move for you, so you don’t have to stress.

Quicksilver Moving and Storage are a family ran business with a great customer base that has been built over the last 30 years. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction which is why we have such a loyal fan base; customers know they will always get a top quality and reliable service from us. We’re also members of the Commercial Movers Group and are a well-respected company in the industry for providing the best quality and reliable removal services.

If you’re looking for the best quality homemove Tyne and Wear service then please give our team a call on 0191 264 6677. They will be happy to assist you, no matter what the query is.

Homemove with Quicksilver

Moving house is one of those things in life that we all have to go through, and is usually a stressful activity in itself. At Quicksilver we offer the flexibility to allow you to be a part of as little or as much of the move yourself.

Option 1: Complete the removal entirely on your own. This will include packing, loading, unloading at your new home and unpacking of your belongings. This takes up a lot of time during the days before you move, the day of the move and after you arrive at your new home.

Option 2: Get the experienced individuals like our team at Quicksilver to move your belongings from the old property to the new one, on the day of the move. On your part, this will require packing up personal items into boxes so that the team can put these into the removal vehicle easily. Once you’ve received the keys to the new property we will unload the boxes to your discretion.

Option 3: If you’d like to have the stress of packing taken away from you, we can offer these packing services. Our expert services mean that all packaged items are secure and safe for transit. This service gives you the peace of mind that your valued belongings will arrive at the new property in the same condition as when they left your old one. This will also give you extra time leading up to the move day as you won’t have to pack.

Option 4: Furthermore, Quicksilver can also dismantle any furniture or appliances that you have that need taking part and moving. This may also be ornaments or heavy objects that you cannot move yourself.

Our specialist packing and wrapping services at Quicksilver may be at an additional cost to you, but provides the protection that is necessary for any overseas or worldwide moves. It may also be necessary when moving quite far away from the original property. We provide an end to end service across the entire world. If you’re unable to purchase the packing solution due to budgeting then don’t worry, we can provide you with boxes and packing containers so you are still able to pack away your belongings efficiently.

homemove tyne and wear

Services that Quicksilver Offer

Commercial Moves

  • We have worked with many businesses and organisations for office removals and the relocation of their workplaces. We have worked with both the public and the private sector in removals and have tonnes of success stories for moves with big companies.

Residential Moves

  • No house removal is too big for our team. We have been a driving force in the move process for homes across the North East in Newcastle and many other parts of the UK. Moving house doesn’t have to be stressful with us.


  • Whether you’re moving house or trying to free up space in your property, Quicksilver can help you manage and store items in our warehouse. We maintain an extensive system that ensures all items are recorded and easily accessible if a customer wants to pick them up. We store a wide range of household items.

Waste Recycling

  • You may find yourself with a lot of excess paperwork or household items that are no longer needed. At Quicksilver we offer waste disposal for any items that need getting rid of. We hold a waste broker’s license too so we have the right certifications to do the job.

Insurance With Quicksilver

All quotations from Quicksilver automatically include a premium for insurance for goods in transit. If need be we can arrange additional insurance for more expensive items or personal goods that need extra safe keeping. It is up to you whether you would like to purchase additional insurance and is not a must-have.

With Quicksilver you’re guaranteed to receive a top quality service with a team that goes above and beyond to satisfy all customers. Our team have many years of experience with working in the removal industry. Every job is unique and they come well prepared to tackle any homemove across the North East and further. 

If you’re looking for the best removal company for homemove Tyne and Wear then you’re at the right place. Get in contact with the Quicksilver team today for a house removal quote!

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