Box Store

Moving home? Quicksilver have cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, storage boxes and all the items you need for a stress-free move.

Our box store is the hassle-free way of being prepared for moving with quality boxes and wrap delivered to you when you need them. No more hunting for old boxes or borrowing from friends and family, our store is here to take the stress of moving from you to provide a seamless service.

Prices are exclusive of VAT

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Item Yes No
Book Boxes £1.90 £3.00
Packing Boxes £1.90 £3.00
Clean, Recycled Boxes £1.00 £1.50
Item Price
Roll of Bubble wrap 100m £30.00 each
Floor protection £15.00 per roll (10 metres)
Garment Carriers £6.00 each
Roll of packing tape £1 each
Ream of tissue/paper £10 each

To order items please call 0191 2646677