Removal Companies Tynemouth

Removal Companies Tynemouth

Are you searching for ‘Removal Companies Tynemouth‘? Quicksilver Moving & Storage has many years of experience in the removals industry. We provide premium house removal services to a range of clients across the North East, ensuring that every customer receives the same high-quality service. We also have storage services available for any customers that need to store personal belongings or for a business that needs to have a clear-out. For more information on our services please call the office today on 0191 264 6677. One of our team will be able to advise you further.


Choosing the Best of Removal Companies in Tynemouth


  1. BAR membership

The first thing you could do when looking for a removals company is to check whether they are part of the British Association of Removers. The BAR is a recognised organisation for professional moving and storage services in the UK. It allows for removal companies to prove that they comply with specific codes of practice, showing their customers the high standards of services they deliver. This also gives customers reassurance if they choose to move with a BAR member as only reputable companies are able to be members. It will also be useful in the case that something does go wrong they will have somewhere to turn for answers.


  1. Competitive Pricing

A cheap removal may look appealing, how much value will you really get from it? Always look around the market for the best prices and ensure that you choose a removal company that will provide a high-quality service. After all, you do not want anything to go wrong so it always best to go with a reputable and more competitively priced company than a cheap company that you have never heard of.

Removal Companies Tynemouth

  1. Insurance

You should ensure that your removal company is able to insure you on your personal belongings and other elements of the move. If anything goes wrong they should be able to cover for this and help you out. Always check the company’s insurance policies to make sure they are reliable and what exactly you are covered for.


  1. Reviews

Another good thing to do when looking at removal companies is to check their online reputation and how their previous clients have rated them. This is a good indication of how reputable the company is and if their usual service is good. You could also ask people in the local area about their opinions regarding the company as this can be even more valuable.


  1. Payment Options

To avoid being scammed, make sure the company has a secure payment system. Reputable companies usually accept payments by card, cheque or cash in some cases. If the company is asking for a large deposit or would like the cash-in-hand before the removal, you should be dubious. Some companies offering these payment methods are completely legitimate, however, you should be cautious when handing your money over.



Removals Process with Quicksilver


Packing: At Quicksilver, we are happy to offer packing services to customers. You can also purchase packing materials from us in which you get a discount on the materials if you are also moving with us. This includes boxes, bubble wrap, tape, covers and other items which will ensure your items are fully protected. If you wish to have help with the packing then our team can come out to the property before the move and securely pack up your belongings. They can also help you dismantle any larger furniture that you are struggling to move.


Transport: On the day, our removals team will come out to your home and start the loading process. Ensure that all of your items are packed securely to minimise risk whilst they are in transit. Our team will stay in touch with you throughout the day and let you know when they have arrived at the new property. All items will be transported safely.


Unloading: Once the team has arrived at your new property, they will be able to unload all of your boxes into the house. You can then unpack your belongings and enjoy your new home.


If you are interested in Removal Companies in Tynemouth then please call Quicksilver today on 0191 264 6677. We will be able to provide you with a comprehensive quote for your removal.

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