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House Removals Newcastle Tips

Top Tips for House Removals Newcastle by Quicksilver Removals & Storage

At Quicksilver we understand and acknowledge the stress that goes into moving house, which is why we provide fully comprehensive services for a wide range of removals. With the house moving process, you’re essentially taking your whole life with you, which is why it is important to make all the preparations before the moving day. It is not as simple as just packing up boxes, you also need to organise vehicles, specialist removers and ensure your old house is left in the best condition possible for its new owners. Due to the rise in house removals Newcastle, we have produced a list of the best and most helpful tips to consider when you’re moving house to guide you in the right direction.

1: Ensure Everything Is Organised With The Removal Company Beforehand

With any removal, it is vital that everything is discussed with the company involved before the moving day. If this isn’t done, there will be major schedule issues and you may not get everything moved out of your old home and into the new one on the same day. To counter this, make sure that you have agreed on everything with your removal company and that all details are covered. This includes where and when the removal van in Newcastle will be arriving at, and whether several trips will be needed. You also need to take into account how far the journey is to the new home as this may affect the timescale that the removal company can complete the move in. The worst thing you can do is panic and organise the removal last minute, it may cause confusion and issues if you’re unprepared. For a smooth and easy transition, we would advise you book the removal in good time, with plenty of time to spare if problems arise.

2: Place All Of Your Possessions In An Easy Access Area

The best thing you can do with all of your boxes and personal items is to put them all in a place that can be accessed from all doorways to your home. This is usually the lounge or hallway if yours is big enough, as these areas of the house are usually closest to the front door. Don’t forget, if you have a fair few overly large items such as furniture or for example, a piano, the removal company will need easy access to get these out of your home, so make sure the items can fit through an exit door. If you’re unsure, then contact us for removal services Newcastle, our experienced team can come and check out your property to make sure they’re able to complete the removal procedure without any difficulty.

3: Consider Additional Insurance

All quotes from us here at Quicksilver will always include insurance for items in transit. Therefore you can be assured that your possessions will be kept in safe hands throughout the entire journey. However, we all know things can go missing and get damaged sometimes, so you may want to purchase further insurance for your most valuable possessions if you feel it is necessary. We can arrange this for you before the move commences to save you the worry. This will take a weight off your shoulders in the moving process, and is definitely worth thinking about. 

4: Stay In Contact With Your Removal Team

Communication on the day of removal is key, so make sure you have phone numbers for your removal team so that you can be updated by the team throughout the day. They will be able to inform you about the current process and if there have been any changes made. Staying in contact with your removal specialists will allow you to plan your day accordingly and make your way to your new home in good time so that all of your belongings will be with you as you arrive. At Quicksilver we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional house removal services due to our hardworking staff and years of experience in the industry, so you’ll never have to look far for a great removal team to aid you in moving house.

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