Document Storage

We’ll get you organised!

For well over 10 years, Quicksilver has been offering safe and secure storage facilities to organisations across the region and with increased need to find high-security document storage facilities, we’ve been helping clients get organised ever since.

Over time, organisations of all sizes and from all industries accumulate large quantities of files and documents which take up valuable office space and are usually very disorganised.

We’re here to help you organised your files and store them securely for as long as required and storing offsite means that if your office space were to flood, have a fire or get broken into, your documents are secure and accessible at any time.

Cloud storage for online documents is such a big concern that physical documentation sometimes gets forgotten. With our humidity controlled, high-security archive store, we keep your documents as safe as they can be.

Our dedicated team are on hand to give you expert advice and our service cannot be replicated anywhere else. Call 0191 2646677 to get organised.