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Achieve a paperless office

Quicksilver has an enviable reputation in the industry for providing innovative client-focused solutions that help you manage your data in a very cost-effective and technologically advanced environment.

Managing your documents has never been easier; with our state of the art systems you can store your archived documents offsite in a safe and secure location with easy access should you need to retrieve them.

Each item is individually recorded and scanned, giving you peace of mind that each document is carefully archived and you’re in control with your own personal client login to access scanned copies when you require them.

Document management or document archiving as sometimes known, is perfect for organisations that are legally required to keep customer or employee documentation as storing years’ worth of paperwork onsite is not only costly but hard to keep track of too.

Recruitment consultants, solicitors, accountants and estate agents, to name a few are all big users of document management systems to track and record their data. Our clients see a big cost saving from storing onsite as well as being more organised when they begin to archive their documents.

Find out how your organisation can effectively manage its data to increase efficiency by calling our expert team on 0191 2646677.