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Quicksilver is a 21st Century Moving and Storage company that will help you with your home or business removal. Quicksilver Removals and Storage is highly regarded and situated in the North East, covering the entire United Kingdom, including overseas moves. If you’re looking for Home Removals in Newcastle then give us a call on 0191 264 6677, and we can offer you our specialist and reliable products and services.

About Us

Quicksilver Moving and Storage are a family run business with a sound reputation that has been built over the last three decades. Client satisfaction is our most important priority, and our clients come back repeatedly because they know they will always be given trouble-free and efficient service. We have a full team of experts who supply a totally comprehensive removal service which includes secure storage facilities for commercial and residential customers.

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Great North Snowdogs

Great North Snowdogs

Great North Snowdogs Supported by Quicksilver Removals & Storage

We’re so excited to be part of this fantastic new mass participatory free public art and cultural event taking place across Tyne and Wear in September.

Great North Snowdogs is an initiative by St Oswald’s Hospice to unite businesses and the cultural sectors in the region to fundraise for the charity. Artists will design individual Snowdogs and they’ll be placed along a trail around the region for the general public to visit and get interactive with each sculpture.

We’re supporting this great initiative by packing, wrapping and delivering each Snowdog sculpture to their temporary home, then after the 10-week trail, we’ll be collecting each Snowdog and relocating them to their final destination.

Our new large vans and lorries are perfect for this project to comfortably and safely transport the Snowdogs to their specific locations and all hands will be on deck to move these heavy 1.5m high Snowdogs.

We have specialist removal porters who are experienced at moving large heavy items, therefore, offering our services to support this great initiative is of huge help to ensure these Snowdogs are moved safely to finally be auctioned off at the end of the trail.

We’re big supporters of charity events in the region, especially events that bring art and culture to the general public to increase awareness of the charity as well as the locations these fantastic sculptures will be positioned for 10 weeks.

We’re proud to be amongst some of the big names in the region supporting this great cause including Tyne and Wear Metro, Barbour, Fenwick, Sunderland AFC, Sage Gateshead, Gentoo and many others.

If you’d like to get involved with the Great North Snowdogs there are sponsorship opportunities available and check back on their official website to find out about the trail so you can go and see these wonderful sculptures.

Visit www.greatnorthsnowdogs.co.uk

Follow on Twitter @great_snowdogs

Like on Facebook /greatnorthsnowdogs

Hospital commercial removers North East UK

Hospital Move Success

Hospital Move Success by Quicksilver Removals & Storage, Newcastle

Since the turn of the year we’ve been working closely with the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle to help staff move departments to a new Clinical office block.

This was a demanding and highly time sensitive project to have staff, equipment and furniture moved in a short period of time, working around hospital demands. We’ve worked over night to avoid disruption to working hours and all of the staff at the RVI have been wonderfully accommodating with the move schedule.

From initial surveying to planning the move, we carried out in-depth inspections of everything to be relocated, packed and wrapped to ensure a smooth move for everyone.

We love stats so here are a few dazzling figures that are involved with this critical move…

4500 crates of desk contents, administration files and equipment relocated

967 IT desks all packed, wrapped and moved

35,420 cubic feet of furniture relocated

40 microscopes and associated equipment all packed, wrapped and relocated

121.5 tonnes of redundant furniture recycled

8.5 tonnes of redundant furniture reused and re purposed

Our specialist commercial removal teams were working to their limits with some of the heavy and large items required to be relocated; not only did we pack, wrap and relocate hundreds of items, we also collaborated with the Trust to identify furniture for reuse and recycling.

Old or damaged furniture was brought back to Quicksilver HQ to strip down to component parts and recycled via wood and metal specialists. We’re far more than just a removal firm and the Trust were impressed with our wide range of services that complemented this project from start to finish.

We work closely with many NHS trusts and with our experience, we can quickly and effectively relocate departments with minimum disruption to everyday working hours.

Now onto the next job!

We often have furniture that is repurposed and is suitable for reuse so if you have any requirements for second-hand furniture please get in touch and email joanne@quicksilverthemover.com

Man with a van Newcastle

No more 5am wake up calls for Norman after 25 years of service

Newcastle Man With A Van Retires From Quicksilver Removals & Storage

Celebrating 25 years of service at Quicksilver, Norman Crumbie is sadly retiring from the business to pursue a more relaxed lifestyle of retirement with his wife, Jean and grandchildren.

Norman has been an integral part of the Quicksilver team after he joined in 1991 following a career in a factory based environment at British Paints.

Norman was a natural removal porter from the very beginning who successfully completed his BAR (British Association of Removers) Training in 1999 and he used his experience for the most specialised packing jobs ever since. He was our most experienced porter who helped train new recruits and even up until Norman’s last day in service, he was still as active and physically capable of keeping up with our younger members of staff.

Not only was Norman a dedicated member of staff on every job, he woke up at 5am every morning to catch two buses to work and he was never late, never sick and was an exemplary employee who will be a great miss.

Our customers held Norman in very high regard, with requests for him personally to be on their removal jobs and commented he was always entertaining, telling fascinating stories and cracking jokes which made their move less stressful and passed the time.

David Collard, Managing Director of Quicksilver added, “Norman was our most experienced and highly valued employee who we are all going to miss when he retires.

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Norman for 25 years and he’s a great character as well as being an ultimate professional who takes such pride in his work. I wish Norman a long and happy retirement with his wife and hopefully, there will be no more 5am wake-up calls.”

In 25 years, Quicksilver has seen a huge growth within the removal and storage industry with the construction of new high-security premises in Throckley, Newcastle upon Tyne, and the expansion of the team to accommodate on-going customer demand. Norman has supported the business through its continued growth and has been an essential member of staff who has played a big role in helping to maintain the consistency of our high-quality service.

The whole team at Quicksilver are pleased to have had the honour to work with such a wonderful gentleman and we all wish Norman the very best and a long and healthy retirement.

removal companies art specialists

Art on the Move

When You Need More Than a “Man with a Van” in Newcastle – Quicksilver Removals Art Movers

Whether you’re an artist moving your pieces to galleries for display, to a competition or to an auction house; you need more than simply a ‘man with a van’. Similarly, if you’re an art collector buying artworks and sculptures, you want to ensure its safe move from A to B.

We’ve been relocating and moving art around the UK and globally for over 30 years and following a recent large project with world renowned artist, Nico Widerberg we realised that many artists and collectors in the UK didn’t use specialist art movers.

Read all about the move we completed with Nico Widerberg from Newcastle to Norway to understand how we work.

To be a successful art mover takes years of expertise and knowledge of the industry as it’s a very different and sometimes difficult move to a standard home or office move. The knowledge needed is only gained from years of experience in the industry and constant development of new technologies. Moving art to auction houses

The man with the van may help you physically move your artwork, however when it comes to compliance, insurance and safety you can’t always trust them to reliably move your items with accuracy and care.

With international art moves, it’s prudent to organise the move well in advance of any deadline as timescales for obtaining relevant documentation to enter certain countries can take some time. In our experience, international relocations of artworks go as smoothly as those in the UK, and this is down to our meticulous planning and communication with the artist.

Here are some tips to make your next art move as efficient as possible

  •  Organise transportation with as much prior notice as possible to ensure the size of the van is available and your booking can be arranged for your specific time and date.
  •  Ensure the moving firm has the relevant insurance needed to relocate or move artwork and you receive an accurate and genuine valuation cost of the items to be moved.
  •  If you’re moving your artwork internationally, obtain the correct documentation needed for the move and hand this to the removal firm at the time of booking to speed up the process.
  •  Collaborate with other artists if your items are being moved to the same gallery or exhibition and save on moving costs by moving items together.
  •  If you’re packing the artwork yourself, ensure the moving company knows what each item is and give specific handling instructions if required, to ensure the safest possible move.

The most useful thing about using a specialist art moving company is that your valuable items aren’t shipped from various depots or warehouses, like if you use a postal or courier service. Your items are carefully transported from A to B without the need for unloading or movement giving you a safer transit.

Investing in a specialist art mover is as valuable as the art you buy or create. With art being more accessible these days, we transport more and more artwork each year giving customers the peace of mind their art is in safe hands.

If you require further information regarding moving artwork, please get in touch.

International removal companies Newcastle-upon-Tyne

From Newcastle to Norway – Reuniting Nico Widerberg with his iconic sculptures

Internation Removal Company – Newcastle to Norway

This month sees an important 1500 mile journey from Newcastle to Oslow to reunite world renowned artist, Nico Widerberg with his artwork and sculptures. A selection of granite sculptures and paintings which have been on display at Northumbria University, The Ellison Building, DTZ and Jesmond Dene House will be returned to Oslow following a 10-year installation in the region.Nico Widerberg art moves back to Norway

One of the most recognised sculptures around Northumbria University campus is Widerberg’s Pillar Man, commissioned in 2004 to mark the reopening of the University of Northumbria Gallery. The sculpture forms part of a series of sculptures showing the locations of the hidden rivers beneath the city; luckily, the 6.5 metre high bronze sculpture is staying in the region for the foreseeable future.

Widerberg’s iconic granite sculptures have been a feature around Newcastle for almost 10 years and local firm, Quicksilver Moving and Storage based in Throckley have the unenviable task of relocating the valuable artworks back to their original artist. An extensive and detailed move plan which has taken months in the planning has been created to ensure the artwork has a smooth move back to its home in Oslow.


Joanne Ball, Commercial Business Manager explained, “This is a huge project for Quicksilver and even though the team have moved art and heavy artefacts in the past, this job is particularly complex due to border controls and international customs clearance.

The team have been working closely with the artist to deliver his precious paintings and sculptures in a specific timeframe so Quicksilver are ensuring every detail of the move is on schedule and delivered safely”

As a national firm of removers, Quicksilver have recently regained a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) in Transport Management to allow them to provide an end to end service for clients to relocate and move items from the UK across Europe and beyond. Quicksilver previously held this accreditation with the former Transport Manager, Derek Jenkins until he sadly passed away. With their newly acquired accreditation and with over 30 years’ experience in removals and storage, moving such valuable items is second nature for the Quicksilver team and the new license will help expand the business even further afield.

Following an initial exhibition at Kings Place Gallery in London, more of Widerberg’s collection was moved to Northumbria University from Norway to showcase his sculptures and artworks to a wider audience. Nico Widerberg is known worldwide for his still and monolithic sculptures which unite traditions from pre-classical Greek to the presence of Giacometti. The artwork has been highly regarded and received a warm welcome in the region upon their arrival; and now with their return to Oslow, we look forward to the new artwork that will replace this long term installation.

Half Year Review

Half Year Review

We’re over halfway through 2015 and with the economic climate changing like the weather; it’s onwards and upwards for many organisations, especially in the North East. It’s great to see the tide turning and many businesses embracing change to develop new working practices to improve business growth.

Securing and retaining clients is one of the challenges in business and recently, we’ve had great success with a number of high profile tender wins and local business key accounts. We’re not usually one for shouting about our business success but following a half year review, we thought we’d share some recent good news.

We’re sure every business has good news to share and we don’t think it’s a bad thing to toot your own horn every now and again!

You may have read about our recent large project with Northumbria Hospitals, helping move several departments from three hospitals to their new base in Cramlington, you can read more about that project here.

Other recent key accounts include a law firm, large local college and a medical equipment supplier. The work includes various aspects of removals and relocating as well as storing documents and archiving thousands of items securely.

A couple of these firms had rather poor existing record keeping so we’ve supplied them with a dedicated archivist to organise and record all of their data and now they have an up to date spreadsheet of each individual file in every box. Recording data in this way requires a keen eye for detail and ultimate accuracy for easy retrieval and correct future destruction. We invest heavily in training and development of our archivists and they have been with us for many years, giving our clients the confidence their data is secure and recorded correctly.

Finally, a trip to Norway is on the cards to work with a local University to relocate paintings and sculptures back to the original artist in Oslow. With our expertise in moving fragile and specialist items; we’re very excited to be working with such a wonderful artist.

We hope the second half of the year is as fruitful as the beginning and we wish you all a productive and successful end of year.

Professional Competence in Transport Management

On the road to success

Here at Quicksilver, we’re always continually striving to develop our team and increase skills to offer clients the very best service and technical expertise.

Recently one of our team members, Mark Robertson successfully passed his Operators License exam and gained the Certificate of Professional Competence in Transport Management. Mark demonstrated a high level of professional competence in the intensive course to meet the Operator Licensing requirements.

This newly acquired qualification allows Mark to act as Transport Manager to carry out national and international relocations to extend the reach of Quicksilver services overseas, widening the business prospects of the company; as well as his continued responsibilities with domestic surveying and Health & Safety assessments.

Mark Robertson with CPC Transport Manager Certificate

The Certificate of Professional Competence in Transport Management is a benchmark qualification held by transport professionals in the UK and is recognised across the EU, further increasing Quicksilver’s reputation as a premier Removal and Storage Company.

We’re so proud of Mark and the whole team on their continual development and commitment to Quicksilver, enabling us to exceed customer expectations and maintain our high levels of service.

For further information regarding the CPC in Transport Management and what it means to you, simply get in touch

Moving Critical care from North Tyneside

Three Hospitals. Seven Days. One BIG move.

The brand new £75m Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington opened its doors at 6am Tuesday morning. As well as the construction being completed on time and on budget, the enormously complex move of several entire hospital departments from three general hospitals into one specialist emergency care facility was also completed on time and on budget by commercial movers Quicksilver.


A commercial move of this size and complexity doesn’t come along very often. This one had the added element of moving entire hospital departments.

At 6am on Tuesday, June 16, 2015, the doors of the new £75m Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Cramlington opened to patients for the very first time. Work began on the site back in early October 2012, when ground was broken by the Duchess of Northumberland, driving a JCB. It has now been successfully completed, on time and on budget.

The new hospital is the first in the country dedicated to providing emergency care with A&E consultants working 24/7 to care for seriously ill or injured patients, and a lot of material and equipment had to be moved from three existing hospitals in Northumberland – Wansbeck General Hospital in Ashington, North Tyneside General Hospital in North Shields, and Hexham General Hospital.WP_20150615_13_17_32_Pro

The task of moving many thousands of items from these three sites, everything from highly sensitive and extremely expensive pieces of equipment right down to bins and chairs, fell to commercial mover, Quicksilver, based at their state-of-the-art facility in Throckley. Having won the contract, Joanne Ball, Commercial Business Manager, took on the daunting job of scheduling when each item from each department would be moved, and then ensuring that she had Quicksilver resources in the right place at the right time.

Moving the cirtical care unit
Moving the cirtical care unit

Across the seven days allocated for the move, eight Quicksilver trucks made over 100 journeys between the four hospitals. Each member of the 45-strong team walked between 8 and 10 miles a day carrying, wheeling and barrowing the contents of departments such as Maternity, Critical Care and Accident & Emergency, to ensure all was ready for the opening. Like the construction of the hospital, the move was also completed on time and on budget.

From now on, Accident & Emergency services will be provided at the new hospital in Cramlington, where emergency care consultants are on duty 24/7 and specialists in a range of conditions are also working seven days a week. This frees up the Wansbeck, Hexham and North Tyneside general hospitals to provide “planned care” in a more focused and efficient way. All three general hospitals will now offer a 24-hour walk-in service for urgent but less serious conditions.

Joanne Ball said, “It was an exciting challenge, and something of an honour, to work on such a high profile project. A commercial move of this size and complexity doesn’t come along very often. This one had the added element of moving entire hospital departments without disrupting the work of those departments, and the vital care they give to patients. The A&E move was the most difficult, due to the unplanned nature of A&E admissions, and we did it in the early hours of Tuesday morning, starting just after midnight, over one of the quieter periods of the week.”

David Collard, Managing Director, added, “I’m extremely proud of everyone who worked on the move, and delighted that we played such a key part in the successful opening of this new hospital.”

about Quicksilver Movers & Storage Newcastle-upon-Tyne

DIY Removals vs Removal Companies

DIY Removals vs Removal Companies – Quicksilver Removals Explain the Difference

We review the benefits and pitfalls of using one of Newcastle’s removal companies or conducting a DIY removal yourself.

Moving house by yourself can seem like a good idea but when you weigh up the pros and cons it can sometimes be more costly and end in tears!

Seeking professional advice before you move is a must, even if you’re moving just a few streets away or to your first home you’ll receive professional advice to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

DIY Removals

Could be cheaper than a removal firm but imagine tearing a hole in a wall with the corner of a bookcase or dropping a TV, these things can happen and not being experienced in moving large items could add up.

Hiring a van is simple, but driving one may not be. Consider reversing a large vehicle or parking it in a tight space before you make your decision.

Time is against you. You may have only hired a van for a couple of hours or your friends and family may only be able to offer a few hours of help, this will add to your stress levels.

There may be a chain in your house move so getting all of your belongings out of your home in time for the new occupants to arrive is stressful so making several trips to your new home and back could waste crucial time and if there’s any damage while you’re moving, there’s little time to fix it.

Are your friends and family fit and healthy? Removals is hard physical work and if not carried out correctly, your moving day could cost you more than you imagined.

Removal Companies

Removal firms move hundreds of homes each year, of all shapes and sizes and removal teams are experienced in moving heavy, awkward items, especially downstairs.

You don’t have to lift a finger. Let the professionals carry the boxes and unpack if you’ve instructed them to so you can enjoy moving day with as little stress as possible.

A good removal company will help you plan your move with helpful checklists and support so your move goes smoothly and without any fuss.

There may be new occupants moving in straight after you so the removals firm will be quick and efficient to ensure you’re out in good time, leaving your old home damage free.

Removal companies have specific insurance for moving so if anything were to happen to your belongings, you’re covered.

Removal companies come to assess your property prior to moving so they understand any complexities or difficulties before moving day so they’re fully prepared, giving you peace of mind that your possessions are in safe hands.

Consider your next move wisely and don’t be swayed by price; remember it’s your life belongings which are being moved and you’ve done the hard work, you’ve secured a new home so make the removals as easy as possible.